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Create Vite/NextJS projects with Tailwind pre-configured, in a single command!

While boiler-plating react projects over and over again with the same dependencies, I decided to make a tool which would make my life (and hopefully some other peoples’ lives!) slightly easier. Not only does this tool have the install Tailwind as a dependancy but it also configures your project CSS and Tailwind config, automatically! I also decided to make this tool create projects in Typescript as default because we all love strict type-safety ❤.

Introducing Quick Init!

Quick-init makes creating a Vite/Next-Typescript-Tailwind project as easy as quick-init [name]! ⚡ (Just add -t next for NextJs).

Quick-init working example

Aside from wanting to build a tool which I would personally find useful, I took the opportunity to build Quick-init in Rust in order to improve my lacking familiarity with the language and to also make it blazingly fast™, as building something useful with a clear functionality goal is the best way to learn something!

It is also fully-customisable with a local configuration file so you can define which dependencies you want to be auto-installed for each template.

Installation (Homebrew)

If you want to install this on Mac OSX with Homebrew, you can install it via a single line on your favourite terminal!

brew tap ozcap/quick-init && brew install quick-init

Source Code

If you want to build this from source, make a pull request or simply browse the code behind this then you are more than welcome to see the Github repository! (Feel free to give a star... Or not).